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Star Citizen Referral code is something which you can send to your friends who are about to sign up for star citizen; the combat game. This game is very popular these days and the reason is awesome graphics and interface. Do you know the game is about to launch which means this can be the alpha version? The developer studio of star citizen is Cloud Imperium Games and the same studio is publishing this game on RSI’s official website. If you are willing to download this game then you can avail this for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system.

How To Create Referral Code?

Creating a referral code is easy because when you send an invitation link to your friends or anyone then the referral code is sent in it. When you invite someone then you may have seen that the referral code is given there, which can be sent in the message or any other way. The benefit of sending a link is that the other user doesn’t have to enter it manually. Just a click on the link takes to sign up the page of RSI and the code is already filled in the referral code column. The referral code program was introduced a few years ago and lots of people are getting the benefit of this.

Well, f you are thinking to create an RSI account but don’t have any referral code then you can try visiting on and this will provide you a referral code. The good thing about this website is that you can provide your referral code here and if you are lucky then your code will be sponsored. This way everyone who is going to use this website will follow your referral link. there are many benefits when someone uses your referral code so keep on sharing.