Spotting an Original NHL Jersey

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Original NHL champion jerseys are a good addition to the memorabilia collection of a hockey fan. Wearing one during the game does not only show the support of a fan. It also shows the pride level that the fan has for one of the players or for a team. Unluckily, several vendors are taking advantage of the enthusiasm of a hockey fan for the game. They sell jerseys that are fake and oftentimes, it is not intentional. Having knowledge about the quality of construction, seller, color, and price of the jersey helps customers to tell if the jersey they are buying is an original one.


Of course, original NHL jerseys are pricey. It is highly fake if the price is extremely cheap. Manufacturers use professional customization and high-quality materials to duplicate jerseys. Prices for jerseys are usually higher during the hockey season. If a specific player switch to another team, the price for his jersey may slightly decrease. However, it is not the same as in other sports.


Original NHL jerseys are exactly the same of the official jersey of the team. This means that all the colors match identically. This is a simple way in determining if a hockey jersey is original because if the stitching, logos, numbers, and letters aren’t the same colors as the official jersey of the team, then it might not be correct. Also, the lacing’s color on its collar must match. It becomes pretty obvious that fake NHL jerseys lack some details when customers compare photos of the jersey of the team to the fake one.


The best way to know the originality of an NHL jersey is through its quality. There are some parts of the jersey that customers must observe in determining if the jersey is really original.