How to Protect Yourself from Cheaters: 2 Sure-fire ways

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While it’s a reality that a lot of online poker sites, as well as sites for other games such as ceme online has a huge industry which heavily relies on fair play as well as safe engagement towards clients in order to thrive, the reality is that a lot of people would not take any consideration for this one and would rely on cheating in order for them to get ahead of the game, and in the process, get all the money they want for themselves. With that said, the largest risk of you being cheated on is from the player who sits beside you if you play in the poker room. What are the ways to protect yourself from cheaters? Let’s find out below.

Never Use a Public Computer

This is an advise you ought to keep on board as much as possible, simply because public computers, once you login to these, could be easily accessed by other people, and people with advanced computer knowledge could pretty much hack the system, ultimately getting your password. The risk of this happening to you is one which is drastically reduced when you get to use your own laptop or gaming computer, and not to have this borrowed.

Observe Other Players and their Playing Frequencies

Once you get to see other players playing together in frequencies that are higher that usual, you could already begin to doubt. With that said, make it a point to observe other players, and make sure to get a group as heterogeneous as possible. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say. The more similar the roster of players for every game, the higher the risk that these people are merely copying and observing your every move.