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OCM24 or the National Medical Center was specifically established for Patients, the facility provides amazing standards and steady access to medical service. Their main goal is to constantly develop and update their offers and services to the highest possible level. For those who experience health problems, or have family and friends that are suffering too, should seriously look into proper treatment. You should book an appointment at OCM24 or go under relevant laboratory tests there.

Laboratory Tests Available

  • Allergy Tests – allergies are not direct threats to our lives, but they still have negative impacts in our daily lives. Tests typically involve bold extractions from the patient; blood sample is studied by the IgE antibody index. Usually, these allergy tests are performed to see whether or not someone is allergy to certain food, mixed conditions and inhalation.
  • Hormonal Tests – ovarian hormones, the pancreas, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, thyroid gland and pineal gland play a huge part in your mood, appearance and health. If a person’s hormones are imbalanced, we start to feel sick and actually become sick. Hormones controlled in the hypothalamus ultimately determine which hormone is required by the body.
  • Cancer Markers – everyone is outright terrified of cancer and the number of people diagnosed with it increases every year. Our lifestyles greatly attribute to the development of cancer; let’s say that a person lacks in preventive measures, consume huge amounts of processed food, alcohol and to top it all off they smoke then it’s quite obvious that they’ll develop serious health issues. Laboratory tests regularly look for compounds that can confirm any ongoing cancer in a person’s body.
  • Metabolism – the metabolic process involves a handful of internal organs, each responsible for the processing, storing and even assimilating of important ingredients. Disorders related to metabolism appear as early as a baby’s age and can cause varying symptoms.