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Whenever you are on the lookout for a condominium to rent for an indefinitely long period of time, one of the things you ought to ensure is that all of the establishments you would have to visit every now and then is within your reach. This ideally, includes shopping malls, grocery stores, fitness gyms, school for you or your kids who are still going to school, and most importantly, your workplace. With that said, rivercove residences showflat allows you to make sure that all of these are met. While the condominium is yet to rise, as early as now, they are promising that the nearby developments would make a unit reservation here worth it.

It’s Near good Schools

This makes Rivercove Residences perfect for those who are in Singapore to study, or to those who have kids who are still studying, and parents who would want to send their children to quality schools. This is because the said complex is located very close to various education facilities, and not just a few.

Primary Schools

If you have kids in their grade school level, then good news, as the condominium unit is not far away from three of the best primary schools in the whole Singapore, and this includes Nan Chiau Primary School, Anchor Green Primary School, and Springdale Primary School, all of which are met with high regards, and helps to prioritize your child’s development in the crucial early years.

Secondary Schools

For teenagers, Rivercove residences is near Nan Ciau High School which is one of the oldest in the whole of Singapore, having been established in 1947. Not only is it one of the oldest, it’s touted as the leading institute for Information and Technology and tech-based education for the whole of Singapore.