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The αξεσουαρ αυτοκινητου list is the add-on feature in order to enhance the security, convenience, styling, and utility of the modern age cars which consist of the basic standards such as AC, heater, power steering, power window etc. the car ruling the roads, 95% consists of such cars. I order to make them more efficient, add few essential accessories to your car and leas it with safety aspect, in addition, to appeal and feel of the car.

Essential car accessories

Gear lock – it is an essential accessory that should be found in each car. It will enhance the security of your car. The basic gear lock comes around the price of $25, which is worth to spend to enhance the security towards the theft.

Reverse parking sensors – generally they demand the owner of car around $40 to $50 dollar, spending money on it is also worth as it will be saving the rear bumper and body of the car from any damage. The sensor let the driver see the situation when reversing and start to noise when some object is too near.

Car perfume – every single person wants that their car should be clean and fresh, whenever they step in, they cost around $5 to $7. Spending it will let the owner to successfully maintain a fresh feel in the car for a long time. 

AC pollen filter – most of the hatchback and compact sedan car do not consist of the AC pollen filter. The work of the filter is to catch the dirt, bacteria in order to increase the efficiency of cooling in the car. They generally cost same as the car perfume, quite cheap.

Above stated the entire accessory is must, in the case also owns a car try to buy all this and increase the worth of car.