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The games are developed by numerous companies those are performing work in IT industry. Some games are designed or developed by following the concepts those are already available on the internet. These types of games are not getting lots of success or gamers. On the other hand, some games are developed by using a unique or a different kind of gaming concept. If you are searching for a puzzle game with the completely different concept then Word Cookies is the best pick. In the game, you are required to solve the word related puzzles and the cooking concept adds an additional factor of entertainment.

The elements related to cooking or chefs make the game more entertaining. In the game, rank of gamer is decided on the basis of level cleared by him. All levels are available in a specific stage and all stages are tagged with a category or grade of a chef. When you clear the first stage in that condition you are tagged with the home baker. After that, you are able to start the journey of becoming a finest and best chef. For it, you are not required to play the game by cooking something in the virtual world. You are required to solve the puzzles and find the hidden spelling behind given alphabets. You are required to find all these words according to the tiles available on the board. From the available tiles, you can get that how many words you need to find and how much alphabet contains a word.

From the given alphabets you are able to make numerous spelling such as; two or more alphabets. All are not accepted or approved by the game. Some spellings are restricted by the game like; shortened.