How To Apply For Credit Cards Without The Hard Pull

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There is a trick known as “soft pull trick” or “shopping cart trick 2017” that could let you acquire store specific credit cards and do not consequence in a hard pull on your report. Utilizing this method does not result in that; it still would have impact on your credit since the cards are reported. There are several rules you must follow when attempting to do this method.



You must be opted in for promotional emails for credit card. You are opted in automatically, so you will not have to do anything unless you have opted out manually. We suggest being opted in both ways; you may get a great targeted promotion.

This trick only works on cards supplied by Comenity bank and several cards supplied by Wells Fargo and Synchrony.

If you utilize one, turn off your pop up blocker. Many of the credit cards provide pop up. You may miss it if you have a pop up blocker.

How to Do the Method

  • First, visit the site of the shop you want a credit card for.
  • Apply for their loyalty program. However, several individuals get more success skipping this stage and simply checking in as a guest.
  • Add several products to your cart.
  • Begin to check out.
  • Input your address; be sure that it exactly matches the address listed in your credit reports.
  • Keep going over the check-out procedure until you get to the last payment step. You would get your offer before this step. The shopping cart trick is not working if you have not received your offer. You need to try again.
  • Select to accept the offer.
  • Complete the application.

Remember. You need to ensure that you enter your info in the same as it is displayed on your credit report.