Basketball Violations You Should Know

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Enjoying a friendly game of basketball with neighbors and friends can be a lot of fun since it’s not as strict as official games. During official games and tournaments, you have to be mindful of a ton of other things aside from shooting the ball into the basket; a lot stricter than taruhan bola online. Read up on the possible violations in a game that players have to avoid doing as much as possible.


  • Held ball – some times, two or more players from the opposing sides gains possession of the basketball at a single time. To avoid any possible violent tussle, referees stop all the action and give the ball to one of the teams on a rotating basis.
  • Walking or Travelling – player that take more than a step and a half while neglecting to dribble the ball will be considered as traveling. Moving the pivot foot without dribbling is also considered as traveling.
  • Backcourt violation – if the offense brought the ball across the line in the mid-court, they shouldn’t go back across the said line while in possession. In case they do, the ball will be given to the opposing team to pass the inbounds.
  • Time restrictions – players passing the ball inbounds only have about five seconds to pass the ball. If the player does not, then the ball will be given to the opposing team. Aside from that, another time restriction involves the rule that players can’t posses the ball for over five seconds when they’re closely guarded. At a number of stats as well as levels, restrictions with the shot-clocks required the team to at least attempt to shoot within a stated time frame.
  • Carrying or palming – as players dribble the ball a bit too far to the side then it’s considered a violation.