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Through the eyes of an amateur, the defensive position of football players in the field can all look the same and are honestly just confusing; sometimes there’s no other choice but to follow the football and hope your team gets the advantage. As a new fan, we’re sure that you want to know the strategies and defences that they’re using; it’s actually easier to understand than the Situs judi bola resmi .

The 4-3

One of the most common defences used in the upper levels is The 4-3, including NFL. The 4-3 is not that popular at the lower levels due to the fact that a lot of coaches consider it weaker against the run; they’re right, there are only four down linemen. Because of the size and quality of the average down lineman, this isn’t an issue at the higher levels. Essentially, if the team has the size, quickness and strength advantage to run the 4-3 defence then it’s a formidable formation.

Aside from the typical four down linemen, made up of 2 ends and 2 tackles, there are also three linebackers; two are located inside and one in the outer shoulder of the tight end. Two safeties and two cornerbacks are the standard. It’s incredibly effective when used against the majority of offensive formations, what’s more is that The 4-3 can be modified for numerous defensive sets. The final linebacker located at the tight end should be able to cover their area as well as cover or blitz the safety and taking over the corner’s responsibility. Thanks to then high flexibility of The 4-3, offenses will find it challenging to isolate a specific area as well as a single defensive player. The only real weakness of this defence is the inside linebackers are the main tacklers for runs but they’re located around four or five yards away off the football.