Some Things to do Before a Big Race

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So, after all the months of heavy training, sweated-out shoes and shirts, tomorrow is the big day! While it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the pressure and the stress of it all, keeping it calm and cool is the way to go. Mentally preparing your self plays a huge role in this, but other things, especially the physical aspect is of utmost importance as well. Apparatus or products for running, most of which could be seen on runners choice: best running products, buying guide & expert reviews, also have to be prioritized. With that said, what are some of the things that ought to be done before a race?

Sleep Well

This may be easier said than done, but it would be of great help to your performance if your body is well-rested prior to the race. If it can’t be done the night before, then 2 nights before the race would do. Don’t even think about running the race when you haven’t had much sleep prior.

Get a Good Lunch

In choosing the types of food, carbs are the way to go, for these are the ones that provide you with the much-needed energy. Eat this the day before you go and run. Choose veggies as your source of carbs, and not meat or pasta, as this could weigh you down on the race.

Don’t Overexert

Some people are fond of giving it their all during the last few practices. But the reality of it is that this may leave you with barely enough energy for the most important matter, and that is your main race. Don’t overexert your legs. Take slow actions, walk a little to prep you up the night before. Conserve energy and use it only when necessary, and that is on the racetrack.