A Dating App For Finding ‘The One’

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Dating apps are definitely not the most traditional approach in finding a date or a relationship, but a lot of times they are the more convenient option. Imagine, for the moment at least, you don’t have to get ready and meet up with the person nor do you have to sit and endure a possibly awkward first meeting where neither of you know how to break the ice. Before closing your mind to the concept, there have already been instances where people found the love of their life through dating apps and ultimately tie the knot.


One of the most popular dating app today, tinder would be the first choice of many. Already successful in becoming the mediator for long-distance relationships as well as successful marriages, it has been accused by many of altering dating into a mere hookup game. It’s true for a number of circumstances, but the number one dating app option is still reigning the lists for a reason.

First of all, Tinder will require a user to have an account on Facebook and allow it to access certain information; take note that you have to be over the age of 18 to use the application. Once the application is enabled, you need to set up a relevant and concise profile; this basically involves a bio with 500 characters and six images. Tinder can also be linked to Instagram accounts. As for the discovery settings, it allows other users to discover you if you want and don’t forget to set the preferences. Tinder will suggest a user by displaying their photo, name and age. If the profile interests you, tap on the image to see all the additional information. Finally, swipe right if you like them or swipe left if you’d rather pass and view the next suggestion.