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Trying out photography can be both a fun and expensive experience, especially if you think about the required gear. Since everyone has their own opinion and reference regarding products, don’t be surprised when someone’s ‘best’ is just not for you; the worst part is already purchasing it only to find out later on. But it’s a risk that you have to take, much like an investment. The particular camera you’ll require mainly depends on the kind of photography you want. Those going for wildlife photography should check out the Reconyx XS8; trail camera reviews claim that it ranks among the best out there.

Reconyx Ultrafire XS8

Ultrafire XS8 is a durable quality trail camera from Reconyx, users love the dynamic video feature which will start and continue recording as long as there’s movement in front of the camera and pauses automatically after 3 seconds of no movement detection, it starts recording again once there’s movement; this will come in handy whenever you’re taking videos of wildlife at night. Daytime pictures are almost always excellent with every accentuated depth, clarity and color. Take note that since it isn’t installed with a glow security camera, the Ultrafire XS8 doesn’t emit any visible light, the flash range is not as wide compared to cameras that do.

The Ultrafire XS8’s power capacity is outstanding, it barely consumes energy as it sits and waits for movement to record and capture. You’ll need 12 AA batteries for this camera and it’s highly recommended that you opt for lithium or NiMH rechargeable and avoid alkaline batteries.  Ultrafire XS8’s case design is usually compared to the XR6 so you’ll notice a lot of similarities. At the back of the camera there’s a threaded insert fit for a Slate Silver Mount and though these cameras typically have brackets for Python Cable Lock, Reconyx goes further by offering two mounts.