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Tulum in Mexico is popular for its archeological relevance, especially with the ancient Maya civilization. Additionally, it also has breath-taking sceneries from nature, which you can experience upon your visit. The best part of it is when archeological and natural wonders blends beautifully in a single park. You can certainly have this awesome experience if you will have Tulum Cenote tour, and see what you can learn about the Maya civilization while having fun.

Try the Tulum Cenote Tour for a Unique and Fulfilling Trip

“Cenote” is another term for sinkholes, and are naturally occurring holes which results from collapsing bed of limestone. More often than not, these sinkholes connects to an underground water system that causes the limestone to collapse. This is exactly what have happened to the cenotes of Maya centuries ago. The cenote in Tulum, Mexico are treated as blessings or sacred by the Maya simply because these are their only source of fresh water. They do their sacrifices and rituals for their rain god on such areas, thus various artifacts have been found in it.

Nowadays, these cenotes are developed into a tourist spot for you to visit. The Cenote Park in Tulum offers a different experience of water activities for visitors, and you can certainly enjoy diving, swimming or snorkeling in the network of underground caves.

Although there are some other cenotes you can visit worldwide and enjoy such activities, those in Tulum are unique because of their archeological relevance. Additionally, you are free to hop on the Great Maya Reef after enjoying the underground caverns, or have a chill in refreshing restaurants and bars in the town. So if you want a unique yet fulfilling vacation, never miss to check out Tulum Cenote tour. This can surely leave you amaze with the wonderful sceneries and experiences, while learning more about the Maya.