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Dragon city is a game which is available for android and as well as for IOS platform and this game gain much popularity in nick of time. You can build your dragon, city, buildings and make their level up to make them strong and combine them to make hybrids dragons. Don’t hesitate to combine the different   type of dragon because you don’t know that it can give you a super strong hybrid dragon. You can train hundreds of dragon for the fight to other dragon city masters. Currency of this game is gold, gems and both of them play important role without them you can’t achieve your goal to become a dragon master. In this situation only dragon city hacks can help you to achieve your goal.

Breeding tips

In the dragon city, breeding is a really good way that can help you to get more dragons in the game. In this game you can choose two type of dragon from any nature type then you have to breed them. As we all know that their stats and traits will be based on their parents and family. Always remember that if you combined two different type of dragon you will get a new strong and more powerful dragon. For the upgrades you need gold and gems which you can get with the help of dragon city hacks.

Things to remember in dragon city

If you are playing in stadium fight or in the combat world you need to remember that which type of dragon you are using and also need to remember about the four basic moves. You also need to upgrade your dragons to high level which will give your dragon a high HP. HP is make effect on your dragon moves and make them more powerful. You need more food and gems for that upgrade but it also coast too much currency that’s where dragon city hacks can help you to get unlimited gems and food.