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HCG Complex is a diet supplement that hundreds of people have used, saying that it was the secret behind their slimmer and healthier bodies. Of course apart from the HCG Complex, there’s also the HCG diet that accompanies eat. Take note, just like any diet program, HCG Complex diet will impose a lot of restrictions that you must follow in order to get optimal results.


  • The intake for each day should be limited to a minimum of 500 calories and a maximum of 550. Since there is 800 to 1,200 calorie option, be careful not to fluctuate too much; don’t go less or over 100 calories.
  • Avoid eating anything when it’s after 7pm but you can drink water.
  • Drink a minimum of two liters of water a day.
  • Avoid breath mints, opt for gum with xylitol or stevia.


  • You’re allowed only one snack a day and make it a healthy snack.
  • The only drinks allowed are coffee, tea and water.
  • When seasoning your food, we recommend using natural seasonings; steer clear of oils, dressings or salts.
  • Break food consumption into 2 smaller meals.

During the Final Stage (Phase 4)

After fighting the temptations and the small voice at the back of your mind that’s telling you to quit and eat that delicious dessert, you’ll find yourself at phase 4 which revolves around maintenance. During this phase, you can gradually add moderate amounts of starches and sugars back on the menu. There’s no need to be as strict as before in terms of calorie intake, but you should still be aware of the kind of food you’re consuming and just opt for the smaller options consumed multiple times a day. It was never really a good idea to overeat, you’ll feel bloated and guilty, so be conscious enough to stop yourself from doing so.