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TeesNow is one of only a handful of businesses that offer services in creating cheap uniforms Melbourne as well as customized printed apparel. Clients may choose from the displayed apparel and upload any design or artwork that they prefer. What’s great about TeesNow is that they enhance and improve the artwork because they want to produce the best possible results; this part of the process is free of charge as long as the design is not overly complicated to a point where considerable hours have to be spent on the design’s improvement. Not only do they offer a wide array of services and apparel, but also inks used during printing.

Plastisol Ink

Numerous screen printing inks are used by TeesNow; waterbase, plastisol and discharge to name some. Majority of the orders are actually printed with the plastisol ink since this particular ink is the considered as a production friendly ink. What’s great about this ink is that it doesn’t immediately dry on the screen and can be rapidly cured with the aid of the dryer. It allows wet on wet printing that ultimately speeds up the entire production process. Thanks to the wide array of additives compatible for plastisol, it can be printed on to a lot more materials compared with other inks.

Waterbase Ink

As the name states, water is the main solvent in waterbase ink; water may be the main solvent but it isn’t the only one. Because water rapidly evaporates when exposed to hot environments, waterbased screen printing services are not at all production friendly. A lot more care and attention go into making sure that the ink is not dried out. Experts highly advice against leaving these printing jobs out for extended periods of time. Meanwhile, plastisol ink prints can be left out for whole weekends without issue.