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WhatsApp is undeniably one of the best social media platforms you can have nowadays. Aside from its convenient and efficient communicating features, it also have cool stuff that you can enjoy. Just like the WhatsApp status video, for example, it can let you express yourself through a more creative way on your status. Instead of simply using plain texts on your posts, you can attach a video clip on it for your enjoyment.

How Can WhatsApp Status Video Give You Huge Enjoyment?

Before, you can only posts plain texts on your WhatsApp status. This could be boring, and it does not catch the attention of many of your friends. That is why WhatsApp now comes with an awesome feature in the form of status videos.

WhatsApp status video are short video clips that you can make and upload for you to post on your status. You can manually make it using your device’ camera, or edit some clips using video editing software. You can even look for a good site wherein you can download or share cool videos for WhatsApp status.

Such wonderful feature can let you express yourself in a more creative way, or let you share good videos to your friends. This definitely make the WhatsApp experience of every user more enjoyable, and less boring than ever before. As long as you can have some video clips that you can upload and post as your status, you can surely maximize this cool stuff offer by WhatsApp.

If you are an avid user of one of the best social media platforms, WhatsApp status video is something you should not miss to try! Make your own video clips, or download from reliable sites for you to have some that you can use. That not only you can be more creative with your status, but it is far more entertaining for your friends as well.