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If you are a girl then you definitely understand the importance of the pepper spray. Well, there are various kinds of pepper spray available at online stores. When it newly comes on the market then its popularity was widespread in all over the world. Basically, in the production of the pepper spray, there are lots of things used such as capsicum powered and many more ingredients which made it more powerful. Due to this, products you can easily stay protected and keep the attacker stay away. Many women took its advantage and still suggesting others to use it. Are you looking for the top pepper spray then you should check out the collection at Here you will get unique and reliable Pepper spray.

How to make the pepper spray at the house?

There are some important things users need to make perfect pepper spray such as capsicum, chili powder, and some liquid etc. After that, you need to make a paste of all of the things. Make sure, the chili you are going to use in the production of the pepper spray should be very spicy because we are using it as a protection. In addition to this, don uses water in the pepper spray mixture. After that, you can also put a food color in it in order to make it more effective. Once you make it liquid then fill it with a spray bottle. At last, you will get an effective product for the protection, which you can use in the complicated situations.

However, there are many cases, in which people not able to take advantage of the homemade pepper spray because they did not use the right ingredient. Therefore, you should not take any risk with the life and spend some money on the pepper spray which available in the market.